What a difference a well designed plan can make.

When you have an upcoming event such as an anniversary, new product launch, new service offering, store opening or you’re opening a new business, you have enough on your mind without dealing with the marketing of this event.  We will assist  you with the promotion of an event and ensure that it runs smoothly and has the desired effect on your business.

We can also teach you how an event such as an anniversary can be used to market your business and promote your years of service to your customers and community.

The message surrounding an important event needs to be managed to achieve lasting impact on a business. – Jacob Cane

CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: A local business has been serving the community for 30 years and is in the process of changing the management over to the next generation of family management.  It has a loyal, but aging customer base. The goal is to promote the anniversary event and attract new customers and at the same time reward its current customer base for their years of patronage.  We set out with this goal in mind and created the following promotions.

  1. We created the slogan “Thirty years of service worth celebrating” ®
  2.  We designed a logo incorporating its current logo with this slogan that could then be used in online and print design pieces.
  3. We came up with a strategy that would both reward the existing customers and at the same time attract new customers with a warm referral.
  4. Based on this strategy we designed and printed $15 gift cards, we created a list of its top loyal customers and sent them TWO gift cards for a total of $30 for 30 years.  The letter included with the cards suggested that they give one of the gift cards to a friend or family member and tell them why they have continued to use the company’s service.  This rewards the existing customer and gives the new customer an incentive to come into the shop.
  5. We then found a number of people that had been customers for the entire thirty years and had one of them agree to appear in commercials as the spokesman for the thirty year anniversary celebration.
  6. There was a large 30th Anniversary banner put up in front of the store and the windows were painted to promote the event.
  7. Social media, radio, television, press from the local newspaper, print media, and gift cards were all managed, designed and coordinated by Jacob Cane & Co.

After implementing the above items, the owners and Jacob Cane & Co organized a 30th  Anniversary event kickoff party and invited the employees, family, friends and loyal customers.

This is just one example of how Jacob Cane & Co can help you manage special events that can bring new business to you.

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