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Amplified and Validated Marketing™ (AVM) is a marketing strategy created by Jacob Cane & Co. where we begin a new approach when it comes to marketing your company.  Too often ad dollars are wasted by business owners.  We offer a better, balanced, and a more focused approach using AVM.  Your business is about to get a whole lot better™.

Are your marketing efforts effectively promoting your business?  Do you have a meaningful way of tracking the results of your efforts?  Have you ever spent money advertising on the radio, television or print and seen little or no measurable results?  Do you feel that your marketing budget is wasted because you don’t have a clear focus or message?

These are the questions that many business owners face every day.  We manage your marketing plan and deliver a consistent, focused  and effective message to a targeted audience of potential clients.

The reason so many business owners fail to effectively use their marketing dollars is because the message and the method is fragmented and scattered. – Jacob Cane

How the process normally goes without using our methods:

You have an idea to attract new business so you purchase some radio ads from the representative that stopped by your office.  The representative works on a commercial for you and it goes on the air.  A week goes by and you haven’t received a single call.  After a couple of weeks you have received a few calls but no sales and decide that it was a waste of advertising dollars.  Consequently, you try some print ads or mailers, or maybe even a commercial on television with not much better results.

Each time you spend hard earned advertising dollars on these promotions, the campaigns are put together by different people with different messages and graphics.   You’re convinced that this is the method that will work every time, but in the end you have seen little results.  Sound familiar?

The solution, Amplified and Validated Marketing:

There is a better way that is far more effective and produces real results.  What if we purchase radio ads, sent out flyers and produced a TV commercial that were all designed and coordinated by the same team, promoting the same message to your target audience?  While this was being done, your Twitter account, company Facebook page, website and all other social media outlets were promoting the same product/service using the same message at the same time using the same brand and custom graphics.

The result is that each time a customer sees or hears the message it is amplified and validated by the message that he/she has already heard through a different media outlet.  Each point of contact with the customer becomes more effective and more likely to produce a result.

This method, which we call “Amplified and Validated Marketing” (AVM) is just one example of how we can assist you in delivering a targeted, consistent and more effective message to your customers.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can use this method and many others to produce better results with your advertising dollars.  Call 765-491-1614

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