Freelance vs Consultant – Learn the difference and provide better service

Within the field of marketing and business consulting, the different specialties primarily break down into four areas.  As a freelancer you normally have to focus on one area and come an expert in this area.

What is your focus?

  1. Marketing & Design  *
  2. Content, Copy & Editing  #
  3. Programming & Development  </>
  4. Management, Accounting & Finance  $



As a freelance talent you are limited to your own knowledge and skill.  If a client wants something out of your skill set, you refer them out and potentially lose future business.  Income is limited by the number of hours you can work and invoice.  It can be harder to bid large projects because customers view you as a person and not a company.  In addition there may be areas of the project that are outside your area of expertise, which can result in becoming overwhelmed or stress to field people to complete those parts of the project.


Talent and knowledge is limitless.  If a client wants something out of your skill set, you make a commission.  Income is limitless and becomes residual based on future engagements with the client.  You can bid large projects with ease and support knowing the responsibility will be shared by the team.


Consulting as a team


As a consultant you have the opportunity to operate as one firm, giving each other support and coaching.

  • Consultants hold each other accountable and adhere to the Standards, Values and Practices of the Firm.
  • Continually work towards building meaningful and lasting relationships with the client.
  • Put the clients’ interest above their own interest and deliver more value than the client expects.
  • Keep client services within the firm and earn commissions for jobs sold and receive work from the other focuses.

When you are Branded as one firm, you can give more to your clients offering all the services and expertise of the firm.

This model allows the client to build trust within the firm and with the consultant resulting in more services being purchased.  When a client needs a service from one of the other focus areas, the business stays within the firm and you as the consultant remain his primary contact for all services provided.


Learn how to become a consultant

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