Brand Creation

Creating a brand for a business involves far more then appealing design. It involves creating an image and message about your business that is attractive to clients and potential customers. A slogans that promote your brand has to be something unique that stands out and is unforgettable. It needs to stand for something, people want to have a reason to believe in your product or service, you have to give them something that’s not available anywhere else.

Our goal when working with a business is to discover the unique attractions that a business possess and make that the centerpieces of the brand.

Once the brand identity is created we go about building a figurative moat around that brand. The Moat: The term was first coined by Warren Buffett to describe a company’s durable competitive advantage that protects it from competition, like a moat protects a castle.

Effective Brand Management

Our design team will work on the brand and image of your company to create a consistent theme in all media & methods. Our goal is when your company is viewed by the public and customers it is recognized and trusted as a reliable brand.

Everyone knows who the companies shown below are and what they stand for without anything being said because they have effectively delivered their brand and message to the marketplace.


Not only do you know the name of the company and what they stand for, but you also know what products they have, which ones you like and the price ranges for these products.  This was done through effective brand management and delivering a message to the marketplace. We can do the same for your company on a local, regional or national level.

Logo Design Package

Vector Based Logo Design

  • Sample creation
  • High resolution (300 dpi) COLOR image of the created logo
  • High resolution (300 dpi) B&W image of the created logo
  • Vector based Adobe illustrator (.ai) file of the created logo
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) of the created logo
  • PDF of created logo
  • Based on estimated hourly rate.
  • Price: $249.00

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