On the importance of message and design when building a brand

There is a proven method that can be applied when building and promoting a brand. A consistent brand message must be developed and followed.

What is a brand? A symbol by which something is recognized. For something to be recognized it must be familiar and that requires consistent repetition. The more often a well-designed brand is seen with a consistent message, color scheme and style, the easier it is identified. This process builds brand trust and loyalty [assuming product quality and service exist] which transfers to more sales.

Think of it this way, to create more sales a brand must be consistent, recognizable and trusted - familiar. Familiar comes from the Latin word familia meaning household or family. Family are those closest and most trusted by us.

On a lower level, we associate these same feelings of trust, loyalty and closeness to businesses and brands we frequent.

When building a brand, this is the type of relationship we need to create.

In the case of Nature's Pharm we created an overall brand, developed a brand message and created serval new product brands within the company. The overall brand message centers around the phrase "Discover Natural". Two new products, Kombucha on tap and an Espresso bar are both part of a new concept within the Nature's Pharm stores which makes it a place of destination to sit down and enjoy a fresh all natural beverage.

Developing a brand for Nature's Pharm Kombucha on tap was challenging in the respect that the product category Kombucha is virtually an unknown. This has been used as an advantage, giving use the opportunity to work with a clean slate and educate customers.

The branding for the Espresso bar was almost the opposite, in the respect that the concept is well known and can easily be overlooked. This gives us an opportunity to educate the customer about the natural farm sourcing and true craftsmen fashion in which Brickhouse coffee beans are roasted.

Branding of each product is very different, but all of the branding has been brought together with the use of icons that are quickly reference to highlight what is available when cross promoting the products.


The use of these simple icons can also be easily expanded for use with other products within the store.

The Kombucha brand was created based on the icon. We used a hunter green as the dark base of the brand with a lighter green in the same spectrum for highlight. The contracting light blue used in the design helps tie the logo into the fresh branding message, which is seen with the background, used in promotional material.


The Espresso Bar branding was kept very simple because it is more of a location within the store as opposed to a product. The branding for this will also include the Brickhouse coffee, which is used in all the drinks made at the espresso bar.


With both of these brands having their own unique icon attached to the product, it is very easy to connect and cross-promote each brand with advertising when the other product being promoted is the main focus. This can be seen in a coupon/flyer that was created. You can see the use of the Kombucha icon in a flyer that is about the Espresso bar.


The cross promotion of Kombucha and the espresso bar can also be seen in the vinyl created for the store front with the Kombucha and cold brew coffee being the main focus.


We created an informational poster to help educate customers about Kombucha, highlighting how it is made and the benefits, based on logo design and branding for this product.

A tri-fold brochure was created to help bring these brands together and place them within the branding of Nature's Pharm which is based on "Discover Natural" with a high energy level and bright colors to help the brand stand out against the standard earth-tone color choices normally seen in the industry.

Left to right [Inside panel, back and front]


Inside of the brochure fully opened [white lines indicate fold lines].


Services Provided

Brand Management
Brand Management
Consistent theme in all media & methods

Business card Design
Promotional Flyer
Design, prepress and printing

Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Marketing Campaign and Design

Promotional Item Design
Promotional Icons
Cross Promotional

Promotional Item Design
Window Vinyl
Design and Print

Trade Show Banners


Jacob Cane & Co. A Case Study of BASi


Producing a consistent, informative and visually appealing brand standard that promotes BASi's services and products while effectively conveying the idea of being "Your Scientific Connection".  This design campaign involved multiple services and projects that had to be completed and printed prior to a hard deadline, the annual trade show circuit where the design would be used to promote the brand and create a connection with attendees.


Conference room | Vinyl design

We began at the center of the corporate offices with the creation of a vinyl design for the glass panels viewed from the conference room and visitor area.

Conference room vinyl on glass panels.

Trade show | Banner design

With this brand standard created, we proceeded with the design of trade show banners that had the same look and feel as the conference room panels.

Trade Show Banners

During this process, we developed a scientific connection icon using the brand logo and the new script font for the website address. This icon was then used consistently throughout future designs.


Promotional items | Folder and brochure design




Drug Discovery Development | Sales promotion design


Business Cards | Design



Overall the campaign was successful at promoting the brand, engaging customers and creating a brand standard for all future design work within the company. The imagery, color scheme and design elements used have produced a consistent brand message that puts Your Scientific Connection into action.

Services Provided

Brand Management
Brand Management
Consistent theme in all media & methods

Business card Design
Business Card Design
Design and prepress setup

Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Design, content extraction and setup

Folder Design
Proposal Folder Design
Design and prepress setup

Retractable Design
Retractable Banner Design
Trade show promotion

Large Banner Design
Large Format Banner Design
EZ Tube Curved

Promotional Item Design
Promotional Item Design
Lanyards, buttons and mouse pad,

Promotional Item Design
Digital Design
Promotional web banners


Kathi Allen
Marketing Director | BASi

Mark Sweval
Speedpro Printing | Large format printing

Karen Evans
Priority Press | Printing


Everything is Gorgeous ~ Can't believe that we DID IT!!! Thank you for all the wonderful work that you did for us!!
- Kathi Allen, BASi Marketing Director

jacob cane active marketing account Lafayette IN

Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes

CASE STUDY – Miss Mays on Main –

Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes

Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes

We began the design process for Miss Mays on Main with one very important thing; a great product.  Miss Mays on Main are hands down the best Cheesecakes available on the market. We knew we had to come up with branding for this company that was as amazing as the Cheesecake itself.  We needed something special that worked as a brand and flagship for our marketing campaign that brought to light the home-style southern delight that is Miss Mays Cheesecakes.  This was accomplished with a very bold logo design:

Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes logo design

Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes logo design

From there we developed a website ( that allows customers to purchase Miss Mays cheesecakes with ease using a shopping cart and large product photographs of the cheesecake.

The layout is also designed to be responsive to mobile devices so the website always looks good and is able to deliver the information needed to the customer.  This was done by using the latest W3C compliant HTML 5 and CSS3 design techniques.

Each Cheesecake is delivered in a nice white box with a label showcasing the beautiful logo on the top of the box.

We also designed a custom pricing sheet to handout to customers and display with each box delivered that provides a simple and easy to read list of the cheesecakes offered and pricing.

Miss Mays On Main Brochure

Miss Mays On Main Brochure

Fresh Made Gourmet Authentic Southern Specialty Miss Mays on Main Cheesecakes –

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Success Story – Pro Touch Painting –

Case Study - Pro Touch Painting -

Case Study – Pro Touch Painting –

Whether you are repainting, remodeling, moving, growing, opening, closing or in production, we have the tools and skills to give you the look that you want and deserve. Our trained and uniformed staff has the experience needed to get the job done in a neat, timely and cost effective manner. Starting with an on site job evaluation, we will take the time to figure out what products are best for the job. – Pro Touch Painting

We began the design process for Pro touch Painting with a meeting to discuss the idea of producing a website and marketing campaign for the company. After a few scribbles on a note pad we had an idea of what the client wanted and what was important to them in a design. They wanted to have a bold and colorful website that reflected the style of their company, industry and stood out in their market. jacob-cane-web-design-started-with-pro-touch-painting

This is what we started with from the client.  It was a start but we had our work cut out for us.  Based on the meeting and the notes taken we began the process of developing a website that fit their needs and promoted the company.

During the process we developed an updated brand for Pro Touch Painting, this brand will be used in all forms of media to deliver their message to the market place. protouch-logo

Custom Graphics were created to identify the different sections of the website and sectors of the company – Residential, Commercial and Industrial painting services.

jacob-cane-custom-graphics-protouch-painting_01 jacob-cane-custom-graphics-protouch-painting_02 jacob-cane-custom-graphics-protouch-painting_03

The layout is also designed to be responsive to mobile devices so the website always looks good and is able to deliver the information needed to the customer.  This was done by using the latest W3C compliant HTML 5 and CSS3 design techniques.

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