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Jacob Cane & Co. A Case Study of BASi


Producing a consistent, informative and visually appealing brand standard that promotes BASi's services and products while effectively conveying the idea of being "Your Scientific Connection".  This design campaign involved multiple services and projects that had to be completed and printed prior to a hard deadline, the annual trade show circuit where the design would be used to promote the brand and create a connection with attendees.


Conference room | Vinyl design

We began at the center of the corporate offices with the creation of a vinyl design for the glass panels viewed from the conference room and visitor area.

Conference room vinyl on glass panels.

Trade show | Banner design

With this brand standard created, we proceeded with the design of trade show banners that had the same look and feel as the conference room panels.

Trade Show Banners

During this process, we developed a scientific connection icon using the brand logo and the new script font for the website address. This icon was then used consistently throughout future designs.


Promotional items | Folder and brochure design




Drug Discovery Development | Sales promotion design


Business Cards | Design



Overall the campaign was successful at promoting the brand, engaging customers and creating a brand standard for all future design work within the company. The imagery, color scheme and design elements used have produced a consistent brand message that puts Your Scientific Connection into action.

Services Provided

Brand Management
Brand Management
Consistent theme in all media & methods

Business card Design
Business Card Design
Design and prepress setup

Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Design, content extraction and setup

Folder Design
Proposal Folder Design
Design and prepress setup

Retractable Design
Retractable Banner Design
Trade show promotion

Large Banner Design
Large Format Banner Design
EZ Tube Curved

Promotional Item Design
Promotional Item Design
Lanyards, buttons and mouse pad,

Promotional Item Design
Digital Design
Promotional web banners


Kathi Allen
Marketing Director | BASi

Mark Sweval
Speedpro Printing | Large format printing

Karen Evans
Priority Press | Printing


Everything is Gorgeous ~ Can't believe that we DID IT!!! Thank you for all the wonderful work that you did for us!!
- Kathi Allen, BASi Marketing Director

jacob cane active marketing account Lafayette IN

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