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Jacob Cane & Co. is located in Lafayette Indiana. We are a Marketing Agency and web developer providing services to businesses. We build your brand, promote a consistent brand message of your business, help streamline work flow and attract new customers. The end benefit to you, the owner, is a company that drives business to your door, runs more smoothly and reduces stress. Our goal with every client is to help you surpass your dreams of what is even possible from your business.

Content Marketing

Marketing is impossible without great content. Give them a reason to stay engaged! Learn how to utilize Conversion Centered Design (CCD) and increase your marketing success rate.

Your new website..

A lead generating, sales producing machine. Lets begin building your machine! If your website isn't producing leads, its not working for you as it should, we can make that happen with a new design.

When are you profitable?

Determining the actual cost of goods sold is key to running a profitable company. We can determine the break-even point, streamline and set efficiency goals creating a more profitable company.

Business Success

9 proven principles to build the business you’ve always wanted. Plan your business around how you want it to be, not for how it is now. If your company were to be sold in the future, what would they be buying?

DeFouw Precision Parts.. Exceptional Service. Vehicle Wrap Lafayette IN

More Impressions Per Dollar Spent
Utilize your vehicles with effective brand exposure.

Trade Show Banners

Business promotion - Trade show

Brand management is our speciality. We deliver quality design work across all forms of media to make sure you alway look our best.
Gorgeous ~ Can't believe that we DID IT!!! - Kathi/BASi

Business Development

Much like it is with exercise, business owners often have high minded and grandiose plans when it comes to marketing. The trouble comes with putting those plans into action and staying active about seeing the plan through to the finish.